Let your creative juices take charge of combining the hardscape and softscape elements around your beautiful property in Yarralumla, ACT. And you can effortlessly achieve this goal with professional expertise only from Christies Landscapes.

Landscapers in Yarralumla ACT

A holistic landscape design approach is important in getting the most out of both indoor and outdoor living spaces at any property. This involves the complete integration of various landscaping elements throughout the site with regard to scale, balance, and functionality. Allow the expert professionals from Christies Landscapes develop your precious property through careful planning and arrangement of essential landscape elements with perfection.

At Christies Landscapes, we provide a complete line of landscaping services backed with great design recommendations and excellent customer care to all residential clients and businesses across Yarralumla. Our services include designing, landscape construction, paving, decking, irrigation installation, and construction of different outdoor structures that will add beauty to your existing landscape. We deploy a talented pool of landscapers who possess exceptional workmanship and technical expertise acquired from many years of experience in the landscape construction industry.

Make sure to have all your landscaping needs executed exactly the way you imagine it. And Christies Landscapes may provide the assurance you will need to get an incredible landscape design right at your backyard.

We Offer the Following Landscaping Services:

Landscape Construction

Landscapers Christies Landscapes is now the leading source landscaping services in Yarralumla that offers outstanding landscaping services from project estimation to post-construction services. We believe that the real success of any beautiful landscape design heavily depends on the expertise of certain professionals to undertake complete and accurate landscape construction works. Landscape construction is about building durable hardscape structures augmented by a systematic arrangement of plants, trees, and soil components within the property.

Hardscape elements, such as pathways, perimeter fences, retaining walls, and garden steps, require accurate calculations of building materials to ensure quality and lasting performance. The creation of landscape plans, material specifications, and work schedules also form part of the entire construction process in order to produce the dream landscape you always wanted. We, at Christies Landscapes, have a reliable team of technically-skilled professionals ready to perform high quality construction services just for you.

We use concrete, stones, and reinforced bars for flooring solutions, walls, pools, and even elevated driveways when necessary. Our team is fully equipped with the appropriate tools and equipment needed to work with various construction materials and building methods with ease. Regardless of project size and location, Christies Landscapes will not run out of landscaping solutions and building options.

Landscaping Features

At Christies Landscapes, we deliver exceptionally-made landscaping features to beautify your entire garden area. We specialise in a vast range of landscaping areas for both residential and large-scale projects not only in Yarralumia but also the majority of ACT.

Christies Landscapes only offers unique and sophisticated landscaping features designed to amplify the potential beauty of your property. Our trusted landscapers are able to integrate your indoor living spaces and outdoor spaces together by forming beautiful garden structures and impressive landscaping ideas. If you aren’t sure what landscaping features will suit your existing garden space, let our expert designers provide the best recommendations and material options for you, so you can come up with a smart decision without compromising your budget.

Some examples of our distinguished landscaping features include:

  • Outdoor seats (built-in and functional)
  • Outdoor kitchen with a barbecue pit
  • Pergolas
  • Hanging garden and  garden ponds
  • Decorative transitional steps
  • Garden beds and plant boxes
  • Elevated driveways and pathways
  • Gazebos
  • Floor decks
  • Patios, verandas, and lanais
  • Other customisable garden and landscaping structures

At Christies Landscapes, we assure you that these landscaping features incorporated into the natural setting of your home will give a beautiful finish to the property. We use durable materials to build these wonderful structures and allow you to extend the use of your outdoor living areas for greater relaxation and more fun activities.

Wall Construction

At Christies Landscapes, we give strong emphasis regarding the importance of retaining walls, particularly if your project sits on a mountainous site. We construct functional and durable retaining walls to utilise all the areas of your uneven land surface. Aside from this, we also build stylish perimeter fences, garden walls, property walls, and other structures needed for security and privacy.

Retaining walls are built to hold soil and prevent it from sloping down towards any part of the site, which will be utilised for another purpose. Building this type of wall allows our landscapers to work easily with new flat-level surfaces within the property. You can utilise the spaces as garden pathways, elevated driveways, winding walkways, and planters.

Our retaining wall solution utilises different building materials that definitely complement any existing landscaping style. We use concrete, stone, bricks, hardwood, and composite materials to construct these practical walls. Apart from these traditional materials, we can also install the Versawall retaining block system, which is an interlocking system of blocks in various colors, designed for expedited construction process with quality.


We, at Christies Landscapes, give importance to the use of irrigation systems in places with drought issues or unpredictable climate. If your project sits on a hot and humid location, you need to install an irrigation system to efficiently nourish your garden plants and lawns. This may help you save thousands of dollars from water bills and maintenance expenses.

Christies Landscapes expertly installs irrigation systems into most residential and commercial spaces in Yarralumla, helping building owners utilise water supply in an effective manner. An irrigation system refers to the underground piping system systematically connected to supply water throughout the garden space. With this watering system, you are able to control the amount of water based on your own specifications and timing.

Some irrigation products feature a built-in sensor machine which accurately detects the moisture level of your landscape.

If the moisture level drops, the irrigation system will automatically distribute water to the garden and stop when everything becomes wet. Since this system is designed automated, you won’t have to worry about watering your plants as often as possible just to keep them from drying up fast.


Christies Landscapes is an expert when it comes to constructing durable floor decks. Decking offers an effective flooring solution that provides another functional space while adding depth and beauty to your surrounding landscape elements. This is an elevated flooring usually constructed with various composite materials and raised above the ground level.

You can put floor decks to the outdoor spaces of your home, typically incorporated near pools, verandas, and other garden structures. If you install these functional decks in a strategic location, you are sure to create an immaculate landscape design that amplifies the overall beauty of your property. And with the use of appropriate materials, decking can completely transform any living space into a whole new outdoor atmosphere for you.

We, at Christies Landscapes, offer free design consultation services to inform you regarding some of the familiar decking materials available on the market. Our design experts will carefully explain the benefits and disadvantages of every decking material, so you can comfortably decide what materials will suit your home.

Just to give you an idea, we use different hardwood materials, including Merbau, Spotted Gum and Jarrah, to build beautiful and long-lasting home decks. Each of these hardwood options possesses great strength and lasting beauty capable of resisting environmental elements and frequent use. Since they are used for decking and outdoor construction, hardwood materials contain oil substances that protect them against rotting, splitting, and cracking due to wear and tear conditions.

Floor decks can be suitable for most outdoor spaces regardless of size, site condition, and purpose. Our expert installers at Christies Landscapes will always find a way to make this functional space work for your present landscape. Just give us a call, and we’ll be glad to assess the area that you want to put these durable decks with.


Building a paved garden space or walkway is a great way to enhance the overall appeal of your property. Pavers are durable flooring options often used for outdoor spaces in residential and business projects. This flooring material is built from molded raw materials, including concrete, stone, and bricks, and then formed into various shapes and sizes. Pavers are installed on any underlying surface, usually made of poured concrete, compacted base, or layered sand, using mortar mix or tile adhesives.

At Christies Landscapes, we only deploy the best installers who are equipped with practical skills and expertise to install pavers on any outdoor space within your property. You may use pavers for concrete pathways, garden walkways, driveways, and other outdoor spaces connected to your home. These beautiful pavers appear as a perfect addition to complement any tropical or Mediterranean style homes.

Pavers are extremely durable and resistant against all forms of environmental elements and heavy use. Because they come out as individual blocks, installers can cut them into different shapes to terminate those irregular areas of the landscape. You can even put pavers near pools and other water features due to their resistant ability against erosion.

You may choose among these paving options as listed below:

  • Concrete
  • Cobblestone
  • Brick
  • Rubber
  • Travertine
  • Flagstone
  • Bluestone

Incorporating pavers into your landscape provides a new touch of class and depth. You can definitely make a huge statement for your backyard while enhancing the functionality and safety of your surroundings. In addition to this, a beautiful paved outdoor space will significantly increase the visual appeal as well as the property value of your home.

Natural & Synthetic Turf

Artificial turfs are the next big thing in modern landscape design. They look almost similar to natural grasses and possess low watering requirements. Artificial turfs are available in different lawn varieties with respect to thickness, texture, and coverage area and soil type requirements.

Artificial turfs don’t require too much maintenance efforts. You won’t need any pesticides or chemicals just to keep them fresh, though sporadic cleaning schedule may be required. This landscape covering is also safe for occupants with allergy problems and injury-related health issues.

As part of our ever-growing list of landscaping services, we, at Christies Landscapes, expertly install high quality artificial turfs to all residential and commercial projects in Yarralumla. Before we install your real-instant lawns, we undertake the soil conditioning process first by increasing the composition of the top soil, ensuring lasting performance and vibrancy for your turfs. We also offer a broad range of lawn varieties to suit any landscape setting, whether you need these artificial turfs for your home or large commercial spaces. And to ensure quality for every turf installation we perform, we only get these artificial lawns from our trusted suppliers in Yarralumla.

The primary purpose of installing artificial lawns is to replicate the appearance of natural grass and mowed lawns as close as possible. That’s why Christies Landscapes only hires the best turf suppliers to work well with our trusted installers. Rest assured that we will only deploy installers with vast landscaping experience and true dedication for work.

Yarralumla Landscaping Designs

Christies Landscapes is a credible landscaping contractor based in Yarralumla, offering a comprehensive range of landscaping services for all kinds of residential and commercial projects. Our top-of-the-line services include wall construction, landscape design, material selection, project management, engineering calculations, and quality control. As you notice, we cover everything to make sure that you only get wonderfully-designed landscapes for your precious home.

But landscape design isn’t just limited to outdoor structures and flowering plants. This may require accurate planning, project cost estimates, and on-site project monitoring to achieve results. Christies Landscapes has a team of landscape designers and installers working together to produce exactly what you see from your approved plans and material specifications.

We Offer the Following Landscaping Design Services:

Native Landscape Design

When designing native landscapes, designers often consider the presence of native plants and wildlife species in order not to disrupt the current ecosystem of the site. We, at Christies Landscapes, engage clients in a coordinated design process, including site assessment, design intent, and plant species targeting to come up with a desirable design output. We also collaborate with urban planners and engineers to determine the site-specific requirements of the property.

Our expert team at Christies Landscapes has previously delivered ecological preservation projects, restoration design services, and long-term engineering solutions to science-based, non-profit organisations. So, if you’re up to preserve the existing native landscape setting of your property, let our qualified urban designers develop the best solution for you.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape elements refer to non-living components you can find in any landscape setting. Concrete paths, paved terraces, covered patios, pergolas, water features, retaining walls, raised decks, pools, and other garden structures generally make the most of hardscape design.

Christies Landscapes has a complete team of building professionals ready to bring your landscaping features to life. We can build and design beautiful hardscapes and outdoor living spaces for your Australian home. We also build elegant patios, functional decks, in-ground pools, hot tubs, fire pits, outdoor kitchens, and other structures that fit your personality and budget.

Our designers at Christies Landscapes take the details seriously to help us deliver the kind of hardscape design you always dream of. Whether you want a series of dazzling outdoor walkways in your front yard or a functional gazebo that sits next to your garden, you can always rely on our hardscaping design services for great solutions.

Water Wise Landscape Design

Water wise landscape design utilises elements of water features and low water-consuming plant species, suitable for most tropical and suburban homes in Australia. This design also incorporates the use of an irrigation system to help residential homeowners save more from paying high water bills and garden maintenance. A good and practical design should use native plants, low-maintenance gardening methods, and a balanced arrangement of softscape and hardscape elements.

At Christies Landscapes, we can deliver high quality water wise landscape design services for residential and commercial locations with hot climate and drought problems. Our expert landscapers will produce design plans with efficient water distribution, group the plant species with similar water needs, and cultivate the soil in order to increase the ability to preserve water. About the irrigation system, we have the expertise to install irrigation controllers, sensor units, and drip-type irrigation to help you minimise water wastage.

Modern Landscape Designs

Modern landscape design is perfect for contemporary and modern style homes in Australia, particularly in highly urbanised locations. This unique form of design is characterised by clean edges, straight lines, flat surfaces, and less detail components to keep these outdoor spaces look clean and organised. The design also gives more emphasis on the use of hardscape elements with moderate detailing instead of focusing on plants and soil improvement.

Christies Landscapes has the technical expertise to create modern-looking landscapes appropriate for urban dwellers and non-traditional clients. Our landscapers only use two or three colors and then combine them with a couple of plant species to give any landscape a clean look. Oftentimes, our modern landscape design features paved patios, stylish walls, and beautiful garden paths usually combined with accent material and less number of plants to keep it away from becoming traditional.

We specialise in all aspects of landscape construction and offer a comprehensive personalised design service in Yarralumla & the following zip code 2600.

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