Think of your beloved home and garden as one relaxing place where you can enjoy the calmness of outdoor elements and home atmosphere together. Christies Landscapes has the expertise and experience to transform any home into an unwinding place you can’t afford to lose.

Landscapers in Phillip, ACT

The key to maximise the potential value, aesthetic, and enjoyment of any hard investment greatly depends on how you integrate a home garden, hardscape elements, and outdoor spaces with your indoor living components. With relevant years of experience in the field of landscape design, Christies Landscapes has the complete capacity to create wonderful residential landscapes that suit any style and personality. We offer a comprehensive range of landscaping services only handled by our licensed professionals to ensure quality and quick return of investment for every landscaping job.

Christies Landscapes is able to deliver exceptional results to all forms of landscaping projects in Phillip as well as other territories in Australia because of our extraordinary craftsmanship paired with careful selection of materials and talent resources. So, if you wish to get your landscaping needs to be done the right way, be sure only to deal with a reputable landscaping contractor that promises results and quality work.

Christies Landscapes is now offering the following landscaping services on various project scale:

Landscape Construction

Landscaper Christies Landscapes is your trusted source of high quality landscaping services in Phillip, equipped with the best suppliers and goal-driven professionals to create stunning landscapes for both residential and commercial spaces. We have a credible team of landscape experts specialising in landscape design, wall construction, and site development and irrigation installation, among others. We accommodate residential and commercial projects, so regardless of the size or location, Christies Landscapes will definitely have a long-term solution for you.

Landscape construction involves different construction jobs that require technical skills and engineering calculations, not just about filling up the entire property with flowering plants and trees. Hardscape elements, such as pools, driveways, patios, garden structures, and planters, also make part of landscape design. These areas will require a great deal of construction expertise to be completed with perfection.

Landscape construction requires careful planning in order to carry out the construction work according to plan, local codes, and approved materials. And all construction works should only be performed by technically-skilled professionals, preferably licensed, who possess vast knowledge and expertise regarding material handling, the foundation works, on-site management, and installation. You can all find these diverse landscape construction services only here at Christies Landscapes.

Landscaping Features

We, at Christies Landscapes, can build beautiful home gardens accompanied by alluring landscaping features further to enhance the overall appearance of your beloved property. Let our expert landscapers create a lasting impression for your precious home through strategic placement of decorative steps, garden decks, pergolas, outdoor seats, and stylish retaining walls around the area.

Outdoor benches, for example, can be a perfect addition to amplify the beauty of your surrounding landscape elements. Our built-in benches are made functional, stylish, and space-saving while allowing you to extend your outdoor seating capacity with comfort. The expert landscapers at Christies Landscapes can come up with great suggestions on how you can utilise these charming outdoor seats together with the beautiful finishes of the area.

Now, if you want to host special family occasions, we can build an elegant outdoor kitchen with built-in tables and seats made of composite materials and then covered with clear skylight around it. As an alternative, you can have outdoor patios, floor decks, pergolas, and gazebos to go along with your natural landscape for a complete outdoor experience. Just ask what you need, and Christies Landscapes will surely have a perfect solution for you.

Benefits of outdoor seats and garden structures:

  • Makes outdoor spaces more functional and appealing
  • Increases aesthetic and overall home value
  • Enhances relaxation and family atmosphere

If you aren’t sure where to put your desired landscaping features, let our design specialists share their expertise and concepts with you. We can provide useful recommendations by showing you some concept plans and layout ideas.

Wall Construction

At Christies Landscapes, we offer clients a vast range of landscaping services, and one of them is building beautiful walls around your garden spaces. Aside from walls, our list of professional landscaping services also includes paving, decking, water features installation, irrigation system, and landscape maintenance.

Importance of retaining walls

We build stylish and functional retaining walls to prevent soil from sloping down to any open space, which will be utilised for a specific use later. Retaining walls hold soil on one side and leave the other side with nothing, allowing landscape designers to make use of the flattened area as ground level planters, driveway and access steps to other garden areas. Christies Landscapes employs relevant engineering concepts to estimate materials as well as to determine the right type of material based on required tensile and compressive strength.

Retaining walls are used in uneven levels of the site and areas with exposed soil or steep slopes. Since retaining walls create a new level within the covered area, our landscapers are able to produce in-depth elements and articulated spaces that may magnify the beauty of your home landscapes better.

Retaining walls can be constructed using hardwood, cladding, composite materials, concrete, and stone to complement any soil type. We may also install the Versawall retaining block, an interlocking system of porous blocks, as an alternative to conventional materials. Versawall interlocking retaining blocks are available in different colors and product range, including Vertica, Versastone, Miniwall, AB classic, AB Aussie, and AB Aussie Vertical, among others.


Another valuable landscape component that Christies Landscapes covers is the irrigation system. We deploy a reliable team of licensed landscapers and installers to make sure that your irrigation system will work smoothly based on actual watering requirements.

We expertly install irrigation components into residential landscapes and businesses in different areas of Phillip. An efficient irrigation system is considered a necessity for most landscapes in Australia due to the presence of drought and unpredictable climate. Installing an irrigation system can promote reduced water wastage and more effective distribution of water to the feed lines.

An irrigation system involves the use of an underground pipeline system that feeds water throughout the garden. This water distribution system helps water reach the plants and lawns evenly to prevent them from drying up since hand watering may not be sufficient enough to cover everything. Benefits will include:

  • Utilises automatic feeding system as the irrigation system uses a sensor technology to determine the moisture level of the covered landscape
  • Promotes savings through even distribution of water
  • Improves overall site appearance as the irrigation pipes are hidden underneath the soil
  • Low maintenance since you don’t need to adjust your water specifications each time you need to water the plants


Christies Landscapes offers a unique form of landscaping service called decking. Decking involves the construction of an elevated flat-level flooring used to amplify the beautiful landscaping elements of your outdoor spaces. We can create monumental landscapes using durable decking materials capable of withstanding weather elements and high occupancy applications.

Decking provides a valuable flooring solution that increases the functionality of your outdoor space while adding aesthetic value to your property. Built from hardwood and different composite materials, you can incorporate this elegant flooring into the outdoor areas of your landscape, like poolside, veranda, pergola, and patio. Complement this with other incredible landscaping features, and you are sure to create an impression from loved ones and visitors.

With floor decks, you can easily add more functional spaces that you may use for family gatherings and other fun activities. If you aren’t sure what decking materials to use, let our expert builders recommend the best materials suitable for your current home setting and lifestyle. Since we are experts in using different hardwood and composite materials, we can provide valuable information about which material will complement your home the best.

For the decking materials, you may choose among Merbau, Spotted Gum and Jarrah in which all can be incorporated into any landscape setting. These wood materials are coated with a protective oil compound to make them resistant against cracking, splitting, and rotting, so you can use your floor decks for many years. Here at Christies Landscapes, you can definitely find the right decking material and design concept that will transform any outdoor space into a whole new living space.


Christies Landscapes offers conceivable paving solutions forming a creative collaboration between your home spaces and outdoor landscaping elements. Pavers are a versatile form of flooring material constructed from molded concrete or stone. They are adaptable and resistant against chemical spills and surface movements, commonly dyed with oxide to produce different colors.

Pavers can be installed with a sub-base material, either made of poured concrete or multiple sand layers using a tile adhesive or mortar mix. You can use pavers in almost all exterior spaces, including but not limited to patios, verandas, driveways, poolside areas, garden landscapes, and walkways. Apart from the ground level application, pavers can also be an alternative material for retaining walls, garden edges, perimeter fences, and plant boxes.

Benefits of installing pavers:

  • Perfect for tropical home settings or locations with Mediterranean style
  • Resistant to weather elements and chemical spills
  • Resistant to water
  • Easy replacement for broken pavers
  • Low maintenance expenses (no extensive cleaning method required)
  • Durable against high impact and moving loads
  • Increased aesthetic value for your property
  • Suitable for public areas with high occupancy ratios, such as shopping malls, churches, and learning institutions

Natural & Synthetic Turf

As part of our blue-ribbon services, we, at Christies Landscapes, are also experts in installing artificial turfs, suitable as a replacement for natural lawns. We systematically supply and install artificial turfs through our reputable suppliers in Phillip. With a vast range of lawn varieties to choose from, you can now transform any outdoor space into a modern landscape that is both safe and organised.

But before we install the artificial turfs, we perform initial soil conditioning by increasing the top soil composition. This will help us determine the appropriate turf classification that will work for your landscape as well as to prevent uneven land surface.

Benefits of installing artificial lawns:

  • Wide selection of lawn varieties to suit all site conditions and client requirements
  • No extensive cleaning or watering required
  • Enhances overall site appearance (artificial turfs always look nice and neat)

Artificial turfs are now becoming popular in modern landscaping ideas due to their versatility and low maintenance characteristics. They come in different product specifications, such as the area of coverage, blade texture, size, and color and soil type, so make sure to seek our expertise to get the right turf for your landscape. Christies Landscapes also deploys a complete team of installers and quality control officers to make sure that your artificial turfs are professionally installed in place.

Phillip Landscaping Designs

Christies Landscapes is now the leading landscape contractor in Phillip, offering a complete line of professional services from actual planning to post-construction phase. This only means that we cover everything from the installation of components, construction of hardscape elements, providing design consultations, and material recommendations. That’s why residential and business communities in Phillip seek our expertise when talking about landscaping specialisation and quality service.

With regard to landscaping design services, we, at Christies Landscapes, offer the following:

Native Landscape Design

Designing native landscapes require close collaboration between clients and landscape designers. Christies Landscapes purposely involves residential and commercial clients throughout the design process, from plant species selection to visual intent in order to create a stunning landscape that is safe for other wildlife species. That’s because we consider nature as an integral part of the entire design process and project execution.

At Christies Landscapes, we carefully engage with ecologists, urban planners, and engineers to make sure that the native components of your property will be preserved. Our expert team is definitely qualified to handle such science-bound projects, environmental sustainability, and habitat restoration in full capacity without disrupting the present ecosystem of your site. For every native landscape concept, we teach clients to practice water and forest restoration and preservation of biodiversity through the cautious placement of various native plants or modification of soil composition.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape design involves everything about hard elements you can find in your landscape. This would include the design of hardwood decking, stone pathways, paved driveways, decorated garden lawns, transitional steps, wall fencing, sculptures, and construction of different garden structures within the property. Accompanying these landscaping features will also involve accurate material selection, exceptional craftsmanship, and efficient project management to bring out the exact landscape design in your mind.

The creative team of landscape designers from Christies Landscapes is here to make your hardscape elements come alive. We love designing landscapes and make sure to offer you the best trending designs you have never imagined so far. Rest assured that everyone in the team will work together in order to integrate the concepts and planning strategies efficiently.

Water Wise Landscape Design

Water-wise landscape design calls for the practical arrangement of both hardscape and softscape elements in desert homes or locations with drought problems. This process involves the use of native plants and other low water-consuming plant varieties to help you cut off some expenses. Installing an irrigation system is also an important part of this design to effectively utilise water unlike the conventional hand-watering method.

Christies Landscapes has been creating water-wise, beautiful, and environment-friendly landscapes in various places of Phillip for many years. Our expert landscapers use specific plant species that only require less water to grow in different locations of Australia with high drought conditions. We also share brilliant ideas for utilising trees, plants, grasses, and ground covers to stir up the water in any dry garden.

Modern Landscape Designs

Modern landscape design is characterised by the use of clean edges, defined landscape elements, and limited plant varieties in order to minimise the clutter within the site. This design may suit contemporary and modern style homes that do not require too much water features and plants since its main focus is to give emphasis on hard structures instead of natural elements. Oftentimes, modern landscape design features concrete paths, functional retaining walls, articulated steps, elevated garden beds, and many other garden structures, usually combined with another material to create a unique accent.

Mixing three or more types of plants will revert your modern landscape design back to traditional. At Christies Landscapes, we know exactly how to create balance and proportion for both hardscape elements and natural plants. We use pale colors and plants with a defined form since crawling veins, and flowering shrubs don’t fit for this design.

We specialise in all aspects of landscape construction and offer a comprehensive personalised design service in Phillipp & the following zip code 2606.

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