Wall Construction Services in Canberra

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Wall Construction Services in Canberra

At Landscapers Christies Landscapes in Canberra, we offer a wide range of landscaping services. We provide excellent customer care, advice and service to our commercial and residential customers throughout Canberra. Not only do we service central Canberra, we also service most areas of the ACT. Our blue-ribbon landscaping services include paving, construction landscaping, feature landscaping, irrigation installation, artificial turf installation, water features, pergolas, walls and decking.

Retaining Walls

We build retaining walls which are structural, functional and stylish. Retaining walls are designed to prevent the soil and earth from sloping downwards towards any space which will be used for use. This is usually found in uneven levels of land, for garden beds and for any area on a slope which can be potentially used.  Retaining walls are not only functional they also create a new level within a landscape which can be utilised. Our retaining wall solutions are designed to bring an element of depth and are built using beautiful materials.

We can use any combination of hardwoods, pine, stone, brick, rendered brick or cladding to complement your landscape. We can also install the Versawall retaining block system which is an interlocking system allowing for faster construction and excellent durability. Versawall interlocking retaining blocks come in a range of colours and styles to suit your needs. We use Vertica, Versastone, Versawall, Miniwall, Duostone, AB classic, AB Aussie, AB Aussie Vertical from the Versawall range to create the perfect retaining wall solution for you.

What Is A Retaining Wall?

A retaining wall is a wall constructed from various types of materials which is erected to prevent the adjacent earth from moving downwards towards an area of which can be utilised for a use or purpose. 


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Cannot recommend Sam and the team from Christies Landscapes more highly. After years of wondering how to best make use of the space in our backyard, I contacted Sam for advice. He listened to our needs, understood how we wanted to use the space and then designed a custom plan that absolutely nailed it first time. For such a large project
Warren Apps
Professional , courteous , responsive and great value is the best way to sum up Sam and the team at Christies . We had a dustbowl in the front yard and we struggled with ideas . We spoke to several other landscapers who where uninspiring and disinterested. We found Sam and all that changed he listened , he provided fresh ideas , was very responsive and accommodating when we asked for changes .
Frank Catanzariti
We had dreamt of landscaping our gardens for many years, had many people come over to our place, say the job wasn’t possible, extremally high quotes, or never got back to me. I found Christies via a simple Facebook ad. I filled out the form and Sam responded very promptly and was soon at our place looking at the yards and discussing what we could do. He was very collaborative and helpful with ideas.
James Watson

Feature Walls

Feature walls can make a great accompaniment to your garden. Often, they are functional and act as a retaining wall or a separator between spaces. The good thing about modern infrastructure is that walls no longer need to be an eyesore. There are so many new building materials being utilised in home construction, which are both aesthetic and durable. Much like the materials we use for retaining walls we also use for feature walls. We make use of the Versawall retaining block system and the entire range of Versawall products. We also use brick and stone products from Viking stone. Our range of accessible products is huge. There is something to suit every single project regardless of the size or shape of the area.

How Long Will Construction Take For My New Feature Wall?

This would completely depend on the size of the project and the materials being used. Versawall products can facilitate a faster building process due to the easy construction of the products. Once we have assessed the area, the materials being used and the size of the job we will be able to provide you with a more accurate time frame for the construction process.

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Wall Cladding

Wall cladding creates an un-matchable aesthetic beyond what is achievable with other products. Cladding is the process of adding a decorative material to the external of the wall to create the illusion that the wall is built solely using that material. Cladding can be achieved using almost any type of material including aluminium, wood, composite, cement fibre, metal, brick, stone and more.
Cladding can be used both internally and externally. The finished appearance of wall cladding is exceptional when constructed well. Cladding can add an element of depth to any wall and completely change the appearance of any space. It is a cost-effective way to create a huge change to an area. Many people use wall cladding to the front of their homes, internal wall areas and feature walls. We service homes and businesses throughout the ACT and provide excellent materials sourced from local providers. We take pride in our results and want to provide only the very best cladding products and services to our clients.

How Do I Select A Cladding Material That Is Right For My Space?

Selecting the materials for your project can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the types of options you have. We can make recommendations based on the size and shape and match the material to the style you are trying to achieve. We can colour-match our products based on your needs and provide samples to help with decision-making. We’re sure we will be able to find a cladding solution that is right for your walls.

Screening Walls

Screening walls are a functional addition to a garden area. They are used to block out visibility between areas. They are used mainly in residential homes or between apartment blocks. Screening can offer a very sophisticated look to your garden area. It provides privacy and can also block out the sun and excess noise. Screening panels are often constructed using sheet aluminium, bamboo, lattice or wood. Decorative aluminium screening can be cut to show intricate patterns making for an elegant added feature to your area all the while still providing functionality. We source our screening materials from reputable providers which have tried and tested their products.

Our professional and qualified staff can supply and install your new screening and undertake any other landscaping requirements you may need. Outdoor screening yields practically no maintenance so if it becomes dirty from a spill or other debris it can simply be hosed down to remove the extraneous material and leave the product looking like new!

What Are The Benefits Of Outdoor Privacy Screening?

One of the clear benefits of outdoor privacy screening is… Privacy! As the name states, screening creates a private area for your home. Screening also provides some other added benefits such as reduction and filtration of noise, wind and heat. It also adds another element of design to your landscaping which can be a cost-efficient way to add some extra excitement to your garden.

Hardwood Wall

We can construct walls using different types of hardwood. We use a combination of different hardwoods such as merbau, spotted gum and jarrah to achieve excellent finishes. It’s no surprise as to why hardwood has been used as a building material for so long given its beautiful look and feel. We can construct entire walls using hardwoods or we can construct a wall using a different material and use the hardwood as a material to add cladding to the wall. This can be a more cost-effective way depending on just how thick you require the wall to be. Hardwood offers a distinct aesthetic look which cannot be achieved using other materials.

Why Should I Choose Hardwood For My Walls?

Hardwood is an incomparable material to use in construction. It is versatile and durable whilst providing an uncompromised finish. Hardwood incorporates the beauty of nature into your landscape. A functional, stylish and beautiful material to use which is why we recommend it so highly.

Treated Pine Retaining Wall

Treated pine is a type of timber which has been coated in a chemical to enhance its resistance to insects, rotting, decay and other types of external sources of deterioration. The protective chemical used on the timber makes it perfect for use as an outdoor building material. Treated pine is a long-lasting building material which we use in the construction of walls; from retaining walls, features, screening, cladding and more. Treated pine is easily accessible and affordable making it commonly used within residential landscaping. Treated pine provides a beautiful and natural finish to your landscape which adds complexity and sophistication.

How Do I Maintain Treated Pine Walls?

We can give you useful tips on maintaining your treated timber products. There are different types of treated pines and each of them bear different maintenance requirements. Common requirements include priming, oiling, or staining to increase longevity of the product.

Wall Sleepers

Wall sleepers are a type of small, thin retaining wall. From a price point of view, they are a great alternative to concrete or brick materials due to their fast and easy installation. Sleepers come in a range of different materials and colours, so you will be sure to find something that you like. Retaining sleepers are perfect for use within your landscape as they are functional and hold the earth in position to prevent sloping. We source the materials for our sleepers from high quality providers to ensure that they last the distance and are functional for years to come. As a retaining wall solution, sleepers are exceptionally easy to install, functional, affordable and stylish. For more information about retaining walls or using sleepers for your next project, contact us to find out more.

Should I Use Sleepers Or Something Else For My Retaining Walls?

Sleepers offer some great benefits as a retaining barrier. Because they are so easy to install you save on a few different costs. Costs associated with labour and parts are greatly reduced when sleepers are used. They are very affordable and serve their purpose well, making them an ideal choice. To discuss your retaining wall options or find out more about the retaining wall materials we use, contact us today.

Stone Walls

Stone has been used for many, many years as a construction material. Aside from mud or wood, stone has been used since the dawn of time and there is a reason we still use it today. Stone is so durable and versatile and can be used in the construction of practically all building surfaces. It is incredibly low maintenance and requires little to no upkeep. We source our stone from our reliable suppliers at Viking Stone. There is a huge range of different types of stone available such as Travertine, Limestone, Sandstone, Porphyry, Marble, Quartzite, Bluestone and Granite. We are sure that you will be able to find the perfect stone product to use for cladding, retaining walls or feature walls.

Why Should I Use Stone For My Next Wall Project?

Stone is known for its durability. Not only does it require little maintenance, it is also guaranteed to last the distance. Stone can also be used to provide a natural feature through the means of cladding or as a feature wall. It looks beautiful when it is incorporated with other materials such as wood or brick and creates a durable yet beautiful finish.  



Bricks are probably the most common building material used in the construction of walls. Bricks are favoured for their affordability, resilience to pests, durability and functionality. The use of bricks is perfect for any type of wall construction for both homes and businesses. Bricks have evolved and many different types of materials are now being moulded into bricks, even concrete. This can make it possible to incorporate these types of materials into bricklaying. We source our bricks from various suppliers throughout Canberra to get the best brick products possible.

Are Your Staff Qualified In Bricklaying?

Yes, they are. Our team is qualified to conduct any construction work necessary. We ensure that our team is fully up-to-date with the most recent training and WHS practices for your peace of mind.

Christies Landscape in Canberra

Do you want to find out more about the wall construction services that we can offer to our customers in Canberra? Do you want to find out more about the other landscaping services that we can offer? Our wonderful team will be able to help you with any of your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today and we can provide you with more information or just some friendly advice.

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