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Paving Supply & Installation Canberra

Pavers are a versatile flooring material commonly moulded from concrete but come in many other materials such as stone. They come in all different shapes and sizes and are sometimes dyed with oxide to achieve the desired colour. The single paving units are then laid onto the underlying surface (which is compacted road base then on a layer of sand) to create a durable outdoor flooring solution for all kinds of areas.

For a more structural install most commonly poured concrete is used for a sub base and stone paving installed on a mortar or tile adhesive base so as to ensure no movement and longevity of the product.
Pavers have been used in construction practices for hundreds of years.

Pavers are also available in other materials and alongside concrete pavers you will commonly find stone and brick pavers in most Australian backyards.

Christies Landscapes in Canberra supply and install pavers in all areas throughout the exterior of homes in Canberra, ACT. There are many locations throughout a garden or landscape that pavers make a perfect addition to.

Benefits Of Incorporating Paving Into Your Next Project

  • Durable – Pavers are extremely durable. Due to the individual blocks being joined to make a surface there is more room for movement. This means that it is far less likely that shifting in weight will cause damage or cracking to the pavers.

  • Versatile – They can be laid practically anywhere. Because they come in individual blocks they can be cut and shaped to fit the area. Due to their high resistance to erosion they can even be used near pools or other high water received areas.

  • Replaceable – If in the rare case you do experience an issue with just one or two of your pavers in future, they can be individually replaced as opposed to having to remove the whole flooring area.

  • Colour range – As the compounding materials are mixed with a natural dye solution, pavers come in all kinds of colours. This means that you can colour-match to your home or property and create the perfect accompaniment to your landscape.

  • Drainage – As the blocks are separated, it allows for adequate drainage. Pavers should not cause pooling of water and should continue to provide adequate drainage throughout the life of your product.

  • Cost – From a cost perspective in comparison to other outdoor flooring materials, pavers can be laid at a far lower cost.

  • Low maintenance – Pavers require little to no maintenance other than some sporadic cleaning when required. Pavers react perfectly to pressure cleaning and will usually come up like new.

  • Crack resistance – Pavers rarely crack, and in the rare case that this occurs you can easily replace them without having to replace the whole floor area.

  • Increased appeal – Adding an outdoor flooring solution to your home or business creates an instant visual appeal and complements the property.

  • Increased value – Alongside an increased visual appeal, adding a paved area to your property also increases the value of the property.


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Cannot recommend Sam and the team from Christies Landscapes more highly. After years of wondering how to best make use of the space in our backyard, I contacted Sam for advice. He listened to our needs, understood how we wanted to use the space and then designed a custom plan that absolutely nailed it first time. For such a large project
Warren Apps
Professional , courteous , responsive and great value is the best way to sum up Sam and the team at Christies . We had a dustbowl in the front yard and we struggled with ideas . We spoke to several other landscapers who where uninspiring and disinterested. We found Sam and all that changed he listened , he provided fresh ideas , was very responsive and accommodating when we asked for changes .
Frank Catanzariti
We had dreamt of landscaping our gardens for many years, had many people come over to our place, say the job wasn’t possible, extremally high quotes, or never got back to me. I found Christies via a simple Facebook ad. I filled out the form and Sam responded very promptly and was soon at our place looking at the yards and discussing what we could do. He was very collaborative and helpful with ideas.
James Watson

Pool Paving

Incorporating a pool into your landscape adds a completely new touch of sophistication and functionality. They are a huge statement in any backyard and look outstanding with the right accompaniments. Pool areas are the perfect area to lay pavers. They are extremely durable and resistant to the elements, including water. As the exposure to water is so high next to a pool, pavers are a fantastic and affordable solution. The smooth surface of concrete, brick or stone pavers are perfect for bare feet to walk on. Laying pavers around your pool and near the pool pump also makes for much easier access in the case of an issue with underground pool piping. Stone and concrete pavers are very slip resistant which enhances the safety of the surrounding area.

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Driveway Paving

Driveway areas are generally the first thing someone will see when they walk past your home. As it is the strip which invites you to the front door of your home it is the perfect place to make a statement. Adding a classy and functional paver to the driveway area of your home is a beautiful addition to the property. A first impression is everything and, in the event that you choose to sell your home, a beautifully paved driveway area will increase the visual appeal and the overall value of the property. In comparison to a concreted driveway, pavers allow easier accessibility to underground pipes and are far easier to replace in the case of a crack.

Alfresco Area Paving

Alfresco areas are often one of the most utilised areas in your home. As these areas are primarily used for entertaining, we want to ensure that they are looking the absolute best they can be. Investing in a great paving solution is an easy, affordable and low-maintenance option which can create the perfect entertaining area for you to entertain your friends and family. An alfresco area essentially creates a completely new outdoor living space for you to utilise. Pavers make for a great alfresco flooring solution. We can also match the colouring of the pavers used to the outside of your home to create a fully realised landscape to last throughout the life of your home.

Alongside pavers, we also provide other excellent accompaniments to an alfresco such as BBQ areas, pergolas and other garden landscape features.

Entertainment Area Paving

Entertaining areas are the most commonly used areas in a home. Sharing your space with your family and friends is a favourite past-time of most Australians. Due to our beautiful warm weather in the summer, we utilise our outdoor areas as frequently as we can. We love to create an area which can be customised to suit our client and further accessorise using outdoor furniture. Entertaining areas are the perfect place to lay pavers

Their durability and general resistance to stains makes them an exceptional choice, especially in areas with high foot traffic and the likelihood of spills. Pavers also have a great thermal mass meaning that they hold and store heat from the sun throughout the day and keeps the surface warm into the night. We can lay pavers quickly and without the need for setting and drying so from the time of installation to using the surface you can get back to entertaining your guests faster.

Stone Paving

We offer a huge variety of different stone pavers. We source our pavers from Viking Stone and Amber Tiles. Not only do we offer stone solutions for pavers, we can also construct natural stone walls, retaining barriers, garden edges and more.

 Stone is a beautiful material that encompasses the colours of the natural landscape into homes and gardens. We can incorporate the same coloured floor pavers to stone used to build other features in the garden which carries the design throughout the entirety of the area. Our landscapers are fully qualified in construction landscaping and are qualified to lay stone pavers into homes and businesses throughout Canberra.

Crazy Paving

Yes, you heard right, crazy paving, or as it is better known ‘flag stone’ is made up of irregular shaped pieces of stone which are then laid and sealed to create a beautiful and completely bespoke design.

 It looks beautiful alongside pool areas or driveways and is a completely different way to create a rustic but tidy look for your home

Cobblestone Paving

Cobblestone pavers have been used for hundreds and hundreds of years all over the world. You can still see cobblestone pavers which were laid centuries ago and haven’t changed a single bit. Cobblestones are small stone pavers which are laid to create a floor. 

We generally use granite and quartzite cobblestones as they have striking colours to completely change the look of an area. Cobblestones are a classic flooring solution which will never go out of fashion and will last throughout the life of your home.

Christies Landscape in Canberra

Do you want to find out more about the paving solutions that we can offer to our customers in Canberra? Do you want to find out more about the other landscaping services that we can offer? Our wonderful team will be able to help you with any of your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today and we can provide you with more information or just some friendly advice.

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