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Construction Landscaping Services Canberra

Landscapers Christies Landscapes in Canberra is the home of the leading landscaping service providers. We are locally owned and operated, we service Canberra and areas throughout the ACT. We have a small team of highly skilled and fully qualified landscaping experts that specialise in a number of different areas. We offer everything from construction landscaping, artificial lawn, feature landscaping, walls, in-built barbeque areas, water features, irrigation installation, paving, decking and more. We service commercial and residential clients so regardless of the size or shape of the area we have a solution for you. We offer custom and tailored solutions to ensure that we really can offer something for everyone.

Landscaping isn’t just about pretty flowers and perfectly mowed lawns. Many modern landscapes utilise major construction to create incredible and sophisticated garden areas. Areas such as patios, driveways and pools require a great deal of construction work to be completed. There are many in-depth elements involved in construction work. Specific construction work should only be carried out by a licensed professional with the appropriate skills and experience to render the best results. You should also be aware of any WH&S concerns associated with landscape construction.

Construction plays a huge part in landscaping. It is vital that the construction work carried out in association with your landscaping is completed to the highest standard. The construction element of your landscaping is fundamental as it lays the foundation of your landscape. It is imperative that the construction work is completed by a licensed professional to achieve the desired results.
Our decking construction and installation services are second to none. We go above and beyond to create immaculate landscapes using various decking materials. We use materials that are capable of withstanding the elements and will still look beautiful in years to come.

Decking is a flooring solution which adds a great functional space to your home while adding a level of depth and luxury. With the right materials, decking can completely transform an area and create a whole new living area to your home. Accompany this with some other fantastic landscaping features and you are sure to be more than impressed with your new garden landscape.


Concrete is used for a variety of different areas within construction landscaping. We use concrete for flooring solutions, footings, walls and pools. Concrete is an extremely versatile material making it easy to work with and relatively affordable. Our team come equipped with any necessary equipment and tools needed to both mix and pour concrete.


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Cannot recommend Sam and the team from Christies Landscapes more highly. After years of wondering how to best make use of the space in our backyard, I contacted Sam for advice. He listened to our needs, understood how we wanted to use the space and then designed a custom plan that absolutely nailed it first time. For such a large project
Warren Apps
Professional, courteous, responsive and great value is the best way to sum up Sam and the team at Christies. We had a dustbowl in the front yard and we struggled with ideas. We spoke to several other landscapers who where uninspiring and disinterested. We found Sam and all that changed he listened, he provided fresh ideas, was very responsive and accommodating when we sked for changes.
Frank Catanzariti
Our backyard was designed and constructed by Christies Landscapes and what a transformation. Our neighbours have said our backyard looks like a resort! Sam listened to what I wanted, and designed a very inviting and beautiful backyard, better than anything I could have imagined.
Clara McGee

Pool Landscaping Canberra

Pool landscaping is everything that goes into the landscaping and decorating of the area around your pool. It includes everything from pouring the concrete and laying the slabs up to finishing the area, including planting foliage and erecting a fence.

At Christie’s Landscapes, our team can help you through every step, from picking plant species to choosing the perfect lighting to accent your pool area. When it comes to pool landscaping, we believe form is just as important as function. We specialise in landscaping designs that are low-maintenance, visually pleasing, and satisfy ACT pool safety legislation.

Contrary to popular belief, you have a lot of agency when it comes to your pool landscaping. You can choose a modern look with flat, hard textures to compliment your home or opt for a more natural look with foliage, plants and grass. Ultimately, how you approach pool landscaping comes down to your design vision.

While it’s essential for your pool area to look great, it also needs to be safe for your family and friends. That’s one of many benefits of working with Christie’s Landscapes – we understand ACT’s pool barrier laws and ensure all every project is fully compliant.

Here at Christie’s Landscapes, our creative landscapers are ready to work with you to bring your vision to life. We sit down with you and consider the style of your yard for a collaborative design process. Using the highest quality plants and materials from a vast network of suppliers, we can find, source and install anything required to bring your project to life.

Ready to transform your pool’s surroundings? Book your free consultation with Christie’s Landscapes.

What Are the Benefits of Pool Landscaping?

There are many benefits of professional pool landscaping, including:
  • Increased property value
  • Added pool safety
  • Improved access
  • Greater privacy
  • Hide pool pumps and filters

What to Consider for Pool Landscaping

One of the most important things to consider for pool landscaping is Canberra’s pool safety laws. ACT pool safety regulations require any pool to be fenced and certified compliant with the Building Act of 2004.

This means the pool fence needs to be:

  • At least 1.2m with non-climbable vertical supports
  • Have no gaps bigger than 100mm
  • A continuous unbroken barrier
  • Made from a rigid material
  • Secured by a manual latch or locking system
  • Not easily accessed by a child

When landscaping a pool area, you’ll also need to ensure there’s at least 1.2m of clearance around the fence. This ensures there are no climbable objects – such as large pots or statues – that a child could use to scale the pool fence.

Outside of legislation, some of the main considerations for pool landscaping are the overarching theme of your home, and the level of maintenance you prefer. You’ll want to match your pool landscaping with the same colours and styles as the rest of your home and garden. Many people wanting a more organic look choose low-maintenance plants for their pool landscaping.


We offer a wide range of wall solutions to homes and businesses throughout Canberra. We work to bring you the very best in retaining walls, sleepers, screening, feature walls and more. We use a variety of different materials to achieve the very best results including treated pine, hardwood varieties, stone, brick, Versawall interlocking block system and more. We can use custom materials at the request of our customer and will do everything we can to achieve your dream landscape. Walls can be used for functional purposes or just to add something a bit special to your garden area. Whatever it is, we’ve got you covered.

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Adding a pergola to your home can extend your entire living space by adding a completely new undercover area to use any time of the year. We construct and install high quality pergolas into homes throughout Canberra. We source and construct our pergolas using excellent quality aluminium sheets and beams. Also, we pour the necessary concrete footings and conduct the installation construction work. We want your new pergola to last the test of time so use only galvanised or weather safe products to ensure that it lasts. Adding a whole new outdoor living space has never been easier or, more affordable.

BBQ Areas Design & Landscape

Adding a BBQ area to your home can completely change how you cook and dine. Introducing a BBQ area opens up your entire outdoor space and creates a brand-new cooking area. Adding a new BBQ to your landscape creates a great space for entertaining your friends and family and prevents harsh cooking smells from circulating inside your home. We construct beautiful barbeque areas to accompany your garden landscape and create a fantastic outdoor living area.

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Much like our decking installation services we also construct and install in-built benches into your homes or business. We construct our benches using treated pine, hardwoods or composite decking to achieve the best possible result. Benches add a great accompaniment to a landscape both for its functional seating purposes and their aesthetic purposes. They work well to save space in your garden by reducing the requirement for added seating.

Benches and in-built seating are also perfect for public areas, commercial properties, bars, clubs, parks and more. Start utilising your space today and let us assess your landscaping potential.

How Can I Find Out More About Construction Landscaping?

You can find out more about construction landscaping from a number of sources. You can contact us by either email or phone to get more information about construction landscaping, the types of services we offer and the costs associated. You can also find out more from other sources such as blogs or other webpages on the internet. We are more than happy to talk through our services and processes with our customers and always aim to provide the very best advice.

Thinking About your next landscaping project in canberra?

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How Long Will It Take To Complete The Construction Works?

This depends entirely on the type of construction we are completing for you. We will always keep you informed of the time frames associated with our landscaping services. Our time variations are so broad as some services require different labour requirements. Our fantastic staff will be able to inform you of the process prior to commencing work and will keep you fully informed.
Christies Landscape in Canberra

Do you want to find out more about the landscape construction services we can offer to our customers in Canberra? Do you want to find out more about the other landscaping services we can offer? Our wonderful team will be able to help you with any of your questions. Give us a call or send us an email today and we can provide you with more information or just some friendly advice.

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