Imagine combining the beautiful elements of interior and landscape design in one place. Let the experts from Christies Landscapes bring the best outdoor inspirations right where you live.

Landscapers in Fyshwick, ACT

No matter where you live in Fyshwick, ACT, whether in traditional homes or huge suburban houses, landscape design will always be a valuable component in creating modern lifestyles complemented with plant variations and architectural themes. And Christies Landscapes knows exactly how to bring out the brilliant ideas in your mind. Our landscape experts possess a diverse range of technical skills related to landscape and structural designing, enabling them to produce exceptional craftsmanship for all types of landscaping jobs.

With several years of experience in the field of landscape construction, Christies Landscapes has what it takes to deliver the coolness of the outdoors right at your front steps. We offer different landscaping solutions that include landscape construction, artificial lawn design, wall construction, landscaping feature installation, irrigation system, and paving construction for both residential and commercial projects. You may contact us if you want to get your landscaping needs done in absolute perfection.

We Offer the Following Landscaping Services:

Landscape Construction

Landscape design includes detailed planning of specific garden design incorporated with flowering plants and lush greenery. The environmental sustainability, practical and aesthetic components are all considered vital parts of landscape design and not just beautiful plants and wonderfully-decorated lawns.

Modern landscaping projects utilise construction works supported with engineering calculations to create sophisticated hardscape elements, such as driveways, garden walkways, pool decks, and patios. Since landscape construction requires a great deal of in-depth elements, it should only be carried out by a licensed professional equipped with the necessary technical skills and experience to achieve better results.

Christies Landscapes only deploys a reliable team of construction workers, installers, and project managers to make sure that all landscaping jobs will be completed according to approved plans and materials. Our installation services for decking, paving, and irrigation systems only utilise materials that are capable of withstanding various outdoor elements to ensure lasting performance for many years to come. Decking construction, for example, offers a distinctive flooring solution that transforms any outdoor space into a whole new living area at home.

Landscaping Features

Landscaping design elements include the proper layout of hard landscape components and plant species with considerations for their lifespan, growing pattern, and combinations with other plants and landscaping features. We, at Christies Landscapes, offer a complete line of landscaping features to beautify your front yard, backyard, and garden areas at home or any commercial establishment. Our prominent landscaping features include decorative benches, garden ponds, fountains, and paved walkways.

Now, let’s talk about the benches. Built-in benches help increase the aesthetic value of any outdoor spaces while allowing you to cut your expenses from purchasing portable seats and tables. Our functional benches, built for seating and storage purposes, are made from timber and composite materials, which significantly complement the finishing materials around the area.

There are hinges on the underside of the benches which allow you to open them and store different items, like gardening tools, lighting accessories, and seating cushions. Moreover, these manufactured built-in benches can become a great addition to your existing outdoor setting. However, if you aren’t sure where to install new benches within your property, let our design specialists provide valuable recommendations based on your comfort needs.

Wall Construction

Christies Landscapes offers a broad range of professional landscaping services in Fyshwick that include paving, irrigation, decking, and landscape construction as well as artificial turf and water feature installation. Our expert can provide design recommendations and consultations to help you decide which landscaping elements will suit just right for your project. Apart from this, our services can accommodate residential and commercial projects not only in Fyshwick, but also in different areas of ACT.

Why are retaining walls important?

We, at Christies Landscapes, build stylish retaining walls that are functional and calculated to prevent soil or earth from moving towards any open space which will be utilised for a specific purpose. These non-structural walls often hold soil elements on one side and none on the other end, providing you options to work on various topographic conditions, soil grades, and garden elevations. Properly-made retaining walls can make functional spaces utilised as landscape planting area or flat-level for your driveway.

Christies Landscapes employs different material combinations to create an element of depth against the natural outdoor setting and water features of your property. As part of the traditional wall construction method, we use combined materials of hardwood, pine, bricks, and stones and concrete that go perfectly with any landscape setting. As an alternative, we can install the Versawall retaining block system, an interlocking system of wall blocks, to expedite the construction process with efficiency and durability.


Landscaper Christies Landscapes is the leading landscaping service provider in Fyshwick, ACT, specialising in paving, decking, and wall construction on top of providing high-quality landscaping design services. Let our expert landscapers maintain the beauty of your outdoor elements with our highly versatile irrigation system.

Christies Landscapes install high-grade irrigation components into residential structures and businesses to keep all landscaping features in top shape. We use a systematic network of underground pipelines to help nourish your plants and lawns with a sufficient amount of water. Though hand watering can be sufficient for small garden spaces, installing an irrigation system can effectively distribute the water throughout the covered area much better. Here are some benefits when you install an irrigation system from Christies Landscapes:

  • Fully automated system that allows even distribution of water throughout the site
  • Features a sensor system that automatically detects the moisture level of any particular space that has already received an adequate amount of water
  • Reduces water wastage which eventually leads to a reduction of household expenses
  • Looks neat since the piping network of the irrigation system is hidden underneath the landscape area
  • Professionally-installed irrigation components, which ensure long-lasting performance for many years


Christies Landscapes offers a unique flooring solution that adds beauty, depth, and value to any home or commercial space. With the right use of building materials, decking can completely create a whole new space within your existing property. You may complement this with incredible landscaping features, like gazebos or pergolas, to create an exclusive garden landscape within your reach.

If you aren’t sure about the true purpose of decking, here are some details that you should know. Decking is an elevated ground level that is typically constructed with wood or composite materials underneath to form a durable flooring. Floor decks can be installed close to pool sides, verandas, patios, and front gardens.

When you install any elevated structure like a deck, for example, you are able to increase the property value of your precious investment. Decking also offers a permanent functional space where you can host enjoyable family activities or entertain personal guests. Now, if you’re not familiar with different decking materials, allow our design specialists to provide the necessary recommendations suitable for your home and budget. That’s because we are the experts regarding the proper use, cost-effectiveness, and advantages of each composite material being used for decking construction.

As for our decking construction, we use three types of hardwood material, namely Merbau, Spotted Gum, and Jarrah, which all are proven tested to withstand the harsh environmental elements. Merdau, a red-and-brown hardwood material, is a popular outdoor decking material that contains a high level of protective oil to counteract the effects of splitting and cracking. Spotted gum is a naturally-oiled hardwood material that seems highly resistant to termites, wood rots, and fire. Lastly, Jarrah, a prominent composite material with lots of color variations, is a locally-produced timber material that is frequently used for outdoor construction.


Christies Landscapes delivers high quality paving solutions in various locations in Fyshwick as well as its neighboring cities around ACT. Pavers can become a perfect addition to any garden landscape, turning your dream Mediterranean-style Australian home into a reality. These are versatile flooring materials molded from concrete, brick, or stone and used to cover a huge variety of open spaces, including driveways, pool decks, garden walkways, patios, and lanais.

Pavers usually are laid onto the underlying surface made of compacted base and sand layers to cover a specific outdoor space. Here are the advantages of installing pavers in your garden spaces:

  • Increased durability since pavers are mostly made of individual blocks
  • Wide range of color options and application
  • Easy replacement when pavers get damaged
  • Low maintenance because pavers don’t necessarily require extensive cleaning
  • Resistant to heavy load, fire and chemical spills
  • Increased curb appeal and overall real estate value
  • Cost-effective since you can purchase these pavers individually based on shape and color

Expect your project to make a statement when you install pavers to these areas:

  • Pool areas
  • Alfresco areas
  • Driveway, carport or garage
  • Home gardens
  • Verandas, patios, and terraces
  • Sidewalks

Natural & Synthetic Turf

Christies Landscapes is now the leading expert in providing high-quality landscaping design services, including real instant lawn installation, in Fyshwick, ACT. Now, if you are searching for a viable alternative to natural grass, you may try artificial turfs that are designed to look like natural lawns.

Christies Landscapes expertly installs naturally-looking turfs to all kinds of outdoor spaces, whether you want to have them installed at home or your business location. These turfs are installed in hospitals, sports stadiums, amusement parks, and fitness centers. We perform soil conditioning procedures prior to the actual installation of artificial turfs, particularly if your home location contains clay-based soil composition.

Here are some benefits when you allow Christies Landscapes to do the installation job for you:

  • Artificial turfs are only sourced from high-quality suppliers in Fyshwick
  • Keeps your outdoor spaces fresh and vibrant
  • Low maintenance and water requirements
  • Increased property value
  • Product warranty from suppliers
  • No weeds or chemical contamination to worry about
  • No UV emission
  • Presence is not necessarily required during installation.

Artificial turfs are now becoming more popular in modern landscaping designs due to their versatility and reasonable maintenance quality. But not all artificial turfs are created the same, so Christies Landscapes only acquires instant lawns from reputable suppliers within the region. And we are willing to extend our assistance to help you decide which turf design will suit your actual home requirements because artificial turfs vary according to tile thickness, area of coverage, blades, and texture.

Fyshwick Landscaping Designs

Christies Landscapes offers cleverly-made landscaping ideas that suit exactly the way you want your home to look like. We have the expertise and resources which enable us to develop sophisticated, but practical outdoor spaces suitable for your current lifestyle and personality. Our talented landscapers will work on your imagination and will put their best efforts to execute the concept exactly in a 3D view before proceeding to the actual installation.

We Offer the Following Landscaping Design Services:

Native Landscape Design

Christies Landscapes combines the aesthetic and ecological perspectives with artistic expression in the design, management, and restoration of diverse landscapes. We are geared towards the creation of environmentally-sound garden landscapes while restoring any damaged elements of the ecosystem.

We, at Christies Landscapes, reintroduces the importance of native plants to clients as part of our efforts to bring out the unique character of their local ecosystem. Our expertise with various plant species allows us to produce impressive landscape designs based on cultural setting, plant size, and color, as well as to create a home setting that is personal. Through the integration of local plant species in a variety of settings, we are able to establish a creative collaboration between nature and architectural design in a holistic approach.

Hardscape Design

Hardscape design is the creative use of existing solid elements in landscape design, which are expected to remain the same for years. Some examples are walkways, driveways, patios, rocks, stone decking, stone pathways, pergolas, garden structures, and retaining walls, among others.

The credible team of garden designers from Christies Landscapes can transform your hard landscaping needs to life. We are passionate about converting your outdoor spaces using the latest building technology and trending designs to ensure that you get exactly what you want to see in your residential landscapes. We also love to combine various hard elements that will provide uniqueness to your garden setting without compromising quality and budget.

With Christies Landscapes, you will only work with a team dedicated to turning your dream hard landscape design into reality.

Water Wise Landscape Design

Christies Landscapes has the appropriate expertise and tools to build an ideal garden setting that suits your personality and comfort. Apart from landscaping design, we also build various types of irrigation systems, cedar fencing, and storm drainage systems to protect your property against ground-level flooding and drought. We are proudly serving home and business communities in Fyshwick because we want to build a beautiful landscape that truly reflects their passion for water features and native plants.

With many years of experience in landscape construction, Christies Landscapes takes pride in providing “water-wise” landscape design services specifically designed for hot and humid climate conditions in Australia. As a professional team of licensed individuals, we perform garden planning, on-site management, and plant installation, combined with vast knowledge in horticulture, to create the best outdoor experience for our clients.

Modern Landscape Designs

Modern landscape design is characterised by clean edges and minimal use of details to give any garden space an uncluttered look. This modern landscaping style is suitable for contemporary and modern homes that do not require too many plants, but rather hard elements, like concrete steps, patios, winding driveways, and elevated garden spaces. These “hard-looking materials often display wood and metal accents, ignoring the need to combine the outdoor spaces with softscape elements.

If you prefer fewer plants around your open spaces, we, at Christies Landscapes, can deliver the principles of modern landscape design exactly the way you want it. We also have expertise in how to use specific plant species in order to soften the hard edges of modern architecture through monochromatic shades and symmetrical lines. The use of artificial turfs can be utilised as an accent if concrete paths, gravel-filled driveways, and stone steps make up the bulk of the landscape design.

We specialise in all aspects of landscape construction and offer a comprehensive personalised design service in Fyshwick & the following zip code 2609.

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